Peer Support Specialist Instructor

At CAPS Academy

This role is responsible for ensuring that students receive regular classroom instruction to prepare them to take the Statewide Peer Support Specialist Certification and to enhance their employability skills; as part of CAPS (California Association of Peer Supporters) ACADEMY, the statewide collaboration with MHAC and Project Return Peer Support Network (PRPSN); and potentially travel to conferences and events to promote our agency and training program.

LIVE (LGBTQ+ Inclusivity, Visibility, and Empowerment) Program Coordinator


Under the supervision of our Director of Programs, two LIVE (LGBTQ+ Inclusivity, Visibility, and Empowerment) Program Coordinators will work to empower LGBTQ+ voice in behavioral health (mental health and substance use) policy issues, ensure that their perspective is represented in policy discussions and decisions at the local and state levels, and educate behavioral health professionals and decision makers on LGBTQ+ individuals’ recommendations for behavioral health systems transformation.