In the 2004 California election, voters passed Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), mandating a 1 percent increase in individual income taxes to expand mental health services. The MHSA is a complete transformation to a new system. The old law since realignment in 1991 has had a defined target population of only children with serious emotional disturbances and adults with severe mental illnesses. We are now creating a new approach that brings into action for the first time prevention and early intervention dimension to keep mental illnesses from becoming so severe in the first place. The MHSA will provide enough funding to eventually enable us to serve everyone who is facing a disabling mental illness. Click on the links more information.

The Real Story on Proposition 63
(the Mental Health Services Act)

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History of Mental Health Funding in California, and Why California Needed Proposition 63

Other Mental Health Services Act Information

Click here to view the California Public Mental Health System Guidebook for Local Mental Health Boards and Other Interested Citizens.

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