Each Mind Matters

It is with great excitement that I invite you to help us to unify California's mental health movement with a visionary message: Each Mind Matters: California's Mental Health Movement.

Each Mind Matters brings together a statewide movement made of hundreds of local organizations and thousands of individuals throughout California. This movement belongs to all of us.

Each Mind Matters is leading the way for mental health reform. We want the rest of the nation to know that prevention and early intervention save lives and dollars by delivering help before a crisis when it's most effective and less costly. We cannot afford to stay silent while untreated mental illness takes an unnecessary toll on our families and communities. Instead, every day we are showing how locally grown programs that prioritize underserved audiences hold the keys to real and lasting change.

What does Each Mind Matters look like? You will see lime green popping up everywhere starting in the month of May, and not only in the bright leaves sprouting from winter's dark branches. Lime green is emerging as the national color of mental health awareness, and Each Mind Matters has adopted this vibrant color - symbolic of vigorous life and flourishing health - to represent our efforts to overcome the stereotypes, stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness.

Join Each Mind Matters: California's Mental Health Movement today at EachMindMatters.org, where you can pledge solidarity with those who are living with mental health challenges, share your own story to inspire others and download the tools you need to spread the word.

It's no accident that we're launching Each Mind Matters in May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. But this is only the beginning - Each Mind Matters will propel our coordinated efforts forward into the exciting year that lies ahead and the many years to come.

Thank you for working with us to change minds, change lives and change communities.

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